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Founded by Glenda Shasho Jones, SJD is a consultancy.  Working alone or with selected associates, Glenda provides strategic direction and services in all areas of catalog development.  She will guide your in-house team to create more effective catalogs and, if needed, can bring in outside expertise to launch, manage or assist with a catalog. 

The group provides services and expertise in catalog and web creative design and copy, marketing, direct mail, email and overall brand development.   We have affiliates who work with us on merchandising, production, inventory and fulfillment services.

SJD also work with agencies to improve their work or to bring added areas of expertise.

Founded in 1991, Shasho Jones Direct, Inc. was the brainchild of Glenda Shasho Jones, a long time executive at both catalog and direct marketing agencies.  Her vision was to offer catalogers marketing-driven creative. SJD became the first catalog agency to apply strategic principles to catalog creative. 

In 2002 Glenda transitioned SJD to a consulting organization.  This change (from a full-service agency with a big staff) helps catalogers who have needed to move in-house and cut costs due to the increasing challenges of the economy and consumer behavior.


“Welcome and thanks for visiting. This website is meant to help familiarize you with our services.  Shasho Jones Direct, Inc. is my company.  I’ve been called outspoken, a change agent and even “the G factor”.  I help catalogers improve their sales performance and branding strength through creative, marketing and merchandising strategies. Should we be working together?”

Glenda Shasho Jones


Glenda Shasho Jones

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