A few words from clients . . .

What makes Glenda worth her fees?

1) She will help you identify opportunities for performance

improvement. Her feedback goes well beyond layout and design, she

offers insight on offers, product, testing, and more.

2) She educates as she leads improving the capabilities of your team.

3) She sets high expectations from all stakeholders in the process of

catalog production: Executive (strategic), Marketing, Merchandising,


4) She has a strong commitment to measurement so that the impact of her

recommendations are understood.

5) She works extremely well with people. We have many personality

styles and every one of us is challenged by her and yet she is very

well liked and respected.

  1. 6)She follows through consistently on her commitments.

David Spresser, SVP, SmartHealth

But it's the results that count: The first catalog drop is doing about 25% better than plan--and "plan" was based on historical performance. And we saw significant improvement due to things you recommended: thoughtfully increasing the commitment to apparel, selectively re-positioning merchandise, creating meaningful themes, and strengthening the selling presentation.

Dan Fink, VP, Reader’s Digest

What I particularly like about Glenda is that she doesn't only recommend

what to do to correct a situation, she walks you through the thought process

and why you should be making the necessary changes.  You'll find that Glenda

totally immerses herself in the project and doesn't back down from her

position.  Too often, you'll get consultants that will say what you want to

here.  You'll find Glenda to be a sincere person that puts your business


Mario Mazzone, VP Brushstrokes

I just wanted to thank you, I finished reading your book a few weeks ago and

while I can't change the catalog this second I did make some changes on the

website in reaction to some of the ideas in the book.

What do you know - Sales went up!!!!

I have just started work on the new catalog and my graphic artist and myself are

working on a new look that reflects your critique for at least part of the


Joel Moscowitz, President

Glenda was a huge help to me at Eziba--completely rethought the catalog and made it more productive and focused.and more succesful.  

Bill Miller, President Eziba


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