Services at Shasho Jones Direct, Inc.


What we do


Strategic Consulting

Interfacing with senior management, as well as with the company’s internal staff and agencies, develop areas of:

  1. Positioning – a unique and meaningful point of view

  2. Authority - showing what you promise the customer

  3. Brand – Imagery that creates a cohesive personality

Creative Consulting

Working directly with your creative department, improve all areas of creative that affect catalog or internet presentation. Accomplished during hands-on sessions, this work provides your staff with insights and tools that will last for years to come.

Concept Development

Utilizing SJD’s creative group or directly with your team, develop pages which represent desired objectives.

  1. Development of branding & positioning elements

  2. Elevating design: pacing, features, type-style, color, etc.

  3. Organization of product and copy

  4. Copy development: tone, type, “voice”

  5. Font selection, type comprehension,presentation of price

  6. Photography (still, use of models, lighting, etc.)

  7. Use of keys, icons, devices

  8. Navigation

  9. Front  cover and “hot spot” focus

Creative Development

Shasho Jones Direct, Inc. can manage and execute all aspects of catalog development. This includes design, copy, photography, page development and print preparation.


Critiques and Evaluations

Written reports that provide catalogers with insights and tangible recommendations that can be used:

  1. By your own team to apply to their work

  2. As a basis for future outside development

  3. To explore new opportunities

  4. Training for internal staff

“Virtual” or Actual Creative or Brand Director

Whether the situation is temporary or long-term, having a qualified executive join your team is invaluable.

Training and Creative Development

On premises training can ratchet up the level of existing staff significantly.  Ultimately, money is saved in recruiting and salaries necessary to hire people who start out with more experience.  This is especially important in geographic areas where it may be difficult to find experienced individuals. It’s also a great way to energize staff with desired information and the sense of investment.  Freelances can benefit too.

Resourcing & Recruitment

Sometimes it’s a good business decision to retain an expert when it will improve the the quality of a hire.   Sourcing, interviewing and evaluating candidates for creative jobs are time consuming and require an understanding of and insights into talent and ability.


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