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“Catalogs Are Morphing into “Megalogs”
Multichannel Merchant, 5/12
As catalogs fight to survive in a more competitive, less cost-efficient environment, they yield to broader objectives.  Activities that build brand, drive web orders, encourage social media involvement and drive store traffic should create catalogs that are more hard-working than ever.

"More companies are taking aggressive action to use catalogs as branding agents. They know they must use imagery and copy strategically to do so."

“Paginating with Punch”
Multichannel Merchant, 10/07
Repaginating a catalog for re-mail can increase performance. But keep in mind that your best customers may recognize a pure “re-mail” (with only a cover change) and discard the book if they see a lot the same product.

"The more seasonal the catalog, the more reason to move pages around and get the current season up in front."

“Creative Scheduling”
Multichannel Merchant, 5/06
Do you find that your catalog production team rarely meets deadlines? Is their work incomplete much of the time? Are you convinced that there's no way you can get people to abide by a schedule, much less tighten their timelines?
"I am here to tell you that yes, you can. You can create a schedule…one that works. One that people follow. One that holds people accountable."

“Merchandising's Role in the Creative Process”
DM NEWS, 3/14/06
Most multi-channel companies consider merchandising the most important ingredient to business success. Yet their role in creative is often ill defined, frequently leading to too much influence, or sometimes not enough.
"Did you ever wonder if your merchandising department was making the best contribution to catalog creative development possible?"

“Gotcha Covered”
Multichannel Merchant, 5/15/05
If you haven't done it lately, it's time to take a hard look at your catalog covers. This single most important page in a catalog should not be taken lightly.
"The difference between effective and boring is the difference between getting opened and being tossed."

“Creating Compelling Covers”
Catalog Success, 3/1/04
What's the best way to boost your catalog's response rate? Create a more effective catalog cover. Indeed, it may be your best chance to improve performance.
"An effective cover can mean the difference between your catalog being tossed or getting read."


“Catalogs Are Morphing into “Megalogs
Multichannel Merchant, 5/12

“Six Tactics to Build Brand Authority””
Multichannel Merchant, 9/11

“Brand Alignment Across Channels”
Multichannel Merchant, 2/11

“Building Your Best Holiday Catalogs Ever”
Multichannel Merchant, 7/10

“The Top 10 Catalog Covers of the Past Decade”
Multichannel Merchant, 6/10

“Building Better Creative”
How to Get the Most Out of Your Design Team Today”
Multichannel Merchant, 8/09

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Multichannel Merchant, 3/09

“The Zen of Pagination”
Multichannel Merchant, 12/08

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Multichannel Merchant, 7/08

“Paginating with Punch”
Multichannel Merchant, 10/07

“Pump up Performance”
Multichannel Merchant,

“Creative Scheduling”
Multichannel Merchant, 5/06

“The 10 Biggest Mistakes in Merchandising”
Catalog Success, 9/06

“Merchandising’s Role in the Creative Process”
DM NEWS, 3/14/06

"Gotcha Covered”
Multichannel Merchant, 5/15/05

“Taking Customer’s for Granted?”
DM NEWS, 3/7/05

“Creating At-a-Glance Comprehension” DM NEWS, 11/18/04

“Creating Compelling Covers”
Catalog Success, 3/1/04

“10 Steps to Improved BTB Branding”
DM NEWS, 6/19/03

The Identity Trinity: Brand, Image & Positioning for Catalogs.

A ground-breaking manifesto on why catalogers need to employ the principles of branding to fight mailbox clutter, create consumer recognition and forge emotional connections with the consumer.  From cover to cover, the Identity Trinity provides insights that:

  1. reveal how to put pacing and energy into your catalog

  2. provide real-life examples from the experts in the industry

  3. tell you when you should reposition, re-brand or merely give your catalog a facelift.

For information on how to get your own copy of The Identity Trinity, contact Penton Books at 800-262-1954.