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Glenda Shasho Jones is an expert in creative development, branding and positioning. She has worked with multi-channeled companies for over 20 years to  launch businesses, grow companies, improve brand and achieve successful numbers.  

Glenda is a translator and gap closer.  She has the unique ability to effectively translate and communicate marketing and merchandising knowledge and goals into “creative language” in order to produce a strong and relevant creative product.

Glenda is a partner. When involved in your business, she treats it as her own, both in commitment and involvement.




Glenda Shasho Jones is president and CEO of Shasho Jones Direct, a catalog agency in New York City.   She formed the agency in 1991 in order to offer catalogers a resource where creative strategies are built on marketing objectives. 

Prior to forming Shasho Jones Direct, Glenda was a Vice President at AGA, a full-service catalog agency.  Previously, she was with Wunderman Worldwide, where she managed the IBM Direct account. Glenda spent 5 years with the Direct Marketing Association where she managed Research, Information Central and Publications.  She started her career in research and spent 5 years in Clairol's Consumer Research Department, before joining DMA.

A frequent industry speaker at industry events, Glenda also regularly writes for trade publications.  She was a member of The Direct Marketing Association’s Catalog Council Operating Committee and was on NEMOA’s (New England Mail Order Association’s) Board of Directors.  She was awarded the Luminaire Award in Cataloging by Women In Production in 1998 and was a finalist in New York City’s 1996 Entrepreneur of the Year Award.  Glenda also taught direct marketing at FIT in New York City for several years.

Glenda’s book, The Identity Trinity:  Brand, Image and Positioning for Catalogs, was published by Cowles Business Media in June, 1997 and is available through MultiChannel Marketing.

Glenda is a change-agent. She has the experience, focus and insight to lead change in an organization, on a micro or macro level. She communicates vision in a tangible and meaningful way; generating excitement and mobilizing support.

Glenda is an educator. Her personality, skills with people, her experience in direct marketing and her enthusiasm  blend to create learning and training experiences throughout her assignment in both informal and formal (classroom or meeting) situations. 

Glenda is out spoken. She expresses her thoughts and opinions directly, frankly and fearlessly.


“She educates as she leads, improving the capabilities of your team.”

David Spresser, SVP, SmartHealth, Phoenix, Arizona